Creating a luxurious bathroom on a budget – part one

November 20, 2018

So, the story of our bathroom is ready to share at last! Although a small space, it’s been such a mammoth room to conquer that once we got going with writing the blog we realised that there was so much to cover, it really needed two blog posts to do it justice.



Part one will be about where it all started and the planning, whereas part two will be about the process of renovating as well as the finished product.


So, where did it all begin?


Having started with all the significant structural work on our house the main bathroom took a real hit. The builders ended up having to knock into the shower wall to put in the steel beam for the extension and it was the builders’ main toilet for a few months during the main build so it’s been next on the hit list of jobs for a while!


We wanted to make sure that we created a space that worked for us as a family and when friends and family come to stay (the only en-suite bathroom in the house is from the master bedroom) as well as have some personality, so it took us some time to get the design right before we could start the work.


But, now that it’s finished we’ve got a space that we’re incredibly proud of and are very happy to show it off. So, here goes, the story of our new family bathroom!


The ‘Before’


Funnily enough, everybody who came over thought it was a lovely bathroom and that we were mad to change it. But even before the builders destroyed it, we were clear that the bathroom needed a dramatic overhaul.


Our main bugbears were:


1. The curved shower tray – why would you make something that’s an already small enclosed space even smaller by curving it off??!!


2. The white wooden panelling – We’re not averse to panelling per se but not necessarily around an inset bath where the kids are splashing. It just meant the paint was peeling off and it looked a sorry state. That and the fact that the panelling around the bath was falling off too.




3. The flooring – The style of the flooring was absolutely fine. In fact, we had the exact same floor tiles in our previous house! But they were so badly laid that the tiles were cracking all over the place and pieces of grout would pop out from between the tiles on a regular basis. They had to go!


The Planning Stage


We could have just left the layout as it was, but given that we knew we’d be replacing the shower, bath (replacing the inset one with a freestanding one) and flooring it was an opportunity to have a think about whether we did want to move any of the bathroom suite around or do things differently.


Once we started discussing it we realised that what we really wanted was a vanity unit for the sink to sit on. Normally the sink in this bathroom is only used to wash hands quickly after a toilet stop or for brushing the kids’ teeth. But when guests come to stay they always bring their own make-up and

toiletries with them and we never have anywhere for them to put those things.


We needed to change the position of the sink if we were going to fit a vanity unit into the design, as well as have a mirror above the sink and a small radiator. Which is where the masking tape came in!


The best way to test whether a bathroom design will work is to mark out the spaces on the floor using tape. It means you can pretend to stand at the sink, walk between the bath and the shower and pretend to be sitting on the loo reading a book!!


We knew the type of suite we wanted so could use the dimensions of the products we had in mind, but it’s worth researching the different sizes of baths, shower trays, toilets etc. to make sure that the suite you want fits into the space you have.


The next step in the process was to source all the products we needed without busting the relatively limited budget.  We’ll be talking all about that and getting the work done in part two, as well as sharing some more photos of the new bathroom in all its glory!  So please come back for a read next week.



If you are thinking about how to renovate your home and need some help or inspiration, do get in touch with us here.  And don't forget to follow us via Instagram, Facebook and our upcoming blogs.




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