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Blue living room with orange sofa by Fresh Start Living


Helping you make the most of your home


Husband and wife interior design team, Beth & Jon Miller.

From refreshing one room to full home renovations, we understand you, how you live and design spaces to reflect your lifestyle and personality.

Based in Leeds, we help you through all stages of making changes to your home.  


Designing extensions and conversions, reconfiguring layouts to make the best use of your space, advising you on planning your works, through to room mood boards and product sourcing to complete your home.  We can even view a property with you to advise how it could work for you.

Interior designers Leeds - Beth & Jon Mi


With our understanding and hands-on experience of home renovation, we have successfully designed and implemented numerous projects across the Leeds area.

We pride ourselves on actively listening to what our clients want while also challenging their ideas and any preconceptions they may have about how you might design a home.  Our open and friendly approach to the whole process means that you can always ask us any questions and we’ll keep things simple and easy to understand.

And with our trusted partners (builders, trades and decorators) our clients always feel in safe hands when implementing the designs. 


"We now have a clear idea about the best design and feel confident to engage with builders for the next phase. Fresh Start provide a highly personalised service that we would recommend to anyone who is considering changes to their home."

Tom & Esther

Interior designer Leeds husband & wife t


Many people find the thought of home renovation and interior design so daunting they avoid doing it altogether.

However, we believe that with the right knowledge, understanding and planning anybody has the ability to make their home work better for them.

We work directly with you to plan your home renovation and design your interiors.  Ultimately we want to inspire, reassure and enable you to start your own home renovation and interior design project, however large or small.

  • Why should I hire an interior designer?
    You may not be creative yourself or you may have lots of ideas and need help pulling them into a cohesive design. Either way, working with an interior designer should mean that you will end up with a home that works better for you and how you live. That could mean getting our space and layout planning help to think about the layout of your home and how to better utilise the space that you have. It could also mean thinking about how to make the best use of a new extension that you’re building onto your home. Or it could mean helping you to make your home reflect your style in terms of colours, furniture and accessories.
  • What does an interior designer do?
    All sorts! We are not just here to help you choose cushions and curtains, we help clients with everything from designing an extension and how to best use the space, to kitchen design and sourcing, through to individual room design and full product sourcing of everything you need to complete it. We can also help you line up trades and add project management support. We can help you from end to end on a renovation, or just with one room. If you’re not sure if an interior designer is right for you, just give us a call and we can explain how we can help.
  • How much does an interior designer cost?
    Each project is different and we tailor our fee accordingly. We offer a two-hour consultation for £350 that can be enough to give you initial design ideas, layout suggestions or to choose key colours or products to finish a space. Or this can be used as the start of a project, where we use the time to take the brief, discuss design options, layout ideas and make some initial decisions before we complete the project remotely. Where this is the case, we then charge £420 a day and will provide a quote for the time required for each individual client project.
  • Can I see more samples of your work?
    We have worked on a huge variety of projects across Leeds and Yorkshire and you can see some examples of our work on our project page here and also read about how we have worked with clients and completed projects in our blog here. And don’t just take our word for it. Our clients have given us some lovely reviews which you can see on the website and also in more detail here. If you can’t find what you want, then just contact us and we will send you any other information and examples we have specific to your project.
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