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Victorian Townhouse Bedrooms


To create distinct bedroom spaces with their own personality

What we did

We created a calming master bedroom, deisgned to aid sleep and provide a feeling of restfulness. The guest bedroom was designed to have a more uplifting feel with statement wallpaper and dark ash furniture. The children's bedrooms reflect their own taste but have been designed with longevity and practicality in mind.

Support Provided

Mood boards, Product sourcing

"Beth and Jon have helped us design a number of rooms in our new house (bedrooms kids and adults/basement conversion/ office). They think about how you will use a space and their ideas are creative and practical. I have absolutely loved the experience of working with them receiving the designs and then the shopping list is honestly one of the most satisfying fun things ever. Could not recommend them highly enough."

Kate & Dan, Roundhay

Project Gallery

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