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Interior Space and Layout Planning - Fresh Start Living

Not all of us need to extend or create additional space to make the best of our homes. 


Sometimes the space is already there, it just needs reconfiguring or some changes to the flow. 


We are here to help you decide how to make the best of what you’ve already got.




Proposal of design ideas to best reconfigure your home


Options for different layouts and sizes to meet your needs


2D floorplans of your current layout and our proposed new layouts


3D modelling of the proposed new layouts including furniture and fittings so you can visualise the changes to your home 

Guidance on the number and type of lights required for the space


Guidance on the heating required to satisfy the size of space and the best way to achieve this


Maps and guides to provide your tradespeople specifying exactly where sockets, switches, radiators etc. are to be placed




Information to prepare you for getting building quotes, planning the works and what to expect during the works


Outline of what to consider, questions to ask and order of works


Ballpark costs and timings

 3D First Floor Mez - Fresh Start Living



Each project we work on is different so we can provide a cost per project or we also work on an hourly or daily rate.


As a rough guide, the cost for these services would usually range from £1,000-£2,000 depending on the number of floors and complexity.

"Fresh Start Living have been really helpful. Our house is an unusual layout but they worked it out very quickly. The proposals they came up with were both innovative and practical - and they suggested several design ideas that we never would have thought of but could really make the whole project work. Will use again and definitely recommend."

Ali & Jon