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Outdoor Living Space - Fresh Start Living


Lots of us are looking to extend our homes to create more space.  We are here to help you make the most of your home by designing the right extensions for you, whether that’s a rear or side extension, single or double storey, loft conversions or basement conversions.


Like all our projects, we tailor our services to meet your needs, but offer the services below.




A proposal of design ideas to best extend your home


Options for different layouts and sizes to meet your needs


2D floorplans of your current layout and our proposed new layouts


3D modelling of the proposed new layouts including furniture and fittings so you can visualise the changes to your home 

Guidance on the number and type of lights required for the space


Guidance on the heating required to satisfy the size of space and the best way to achieve this


Maps and guides to provide your tradespeople specifying exactly where sockets, switches, radiators etc. are to be placed



Information to prepare you for getting building quotes, planning the works and what to expect during the works


Outline of what to consider, questions to ask and order of works


Ballpark costs and timings

3D Extension Plan - Fresh Start Living



Each design project we work on is different so we will provide a cost per project based on our daily rate of £450.

As a rough guide, this type of project would take roughly 3-4 days of time depending on the complexity.

"Jon and Beth met with us to fully understand our requirements and the existing space. The resulting proposal contains a range of options, containing many innovative solutions, which were quite different to our original ideas. Their design has a lovely flow and makes best use of the existing footprint and light. The proposal clearly took a lot of consideration and experience to put together.

Fresh Start provide a highly personalised service that we would recommend to anyone who is considering changes to their home."

Tom & Esther

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