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Helping you to visualise your home renovations in 3D

A lot of the work we’ve been doing since we started our business has been helping people to create the ideal living space on their ground floor, making the most of new extensions being built and reconfiguring existing rooms. Over the last few months we’ve looked at lots of floor plans, architect drawings and realised that often it’s quite hard for people to visualise what that space might look like at the end of the build and how you might live in it.

One of the fundamental principles of our business is that we want to give people the confidence to go ahead with large-scale renovation work and when people are spending the sorts of amounts that you need for extensions it’s crucial that everybody feels happy with the plans before committing.

So, one of the main things that we deliver to our clients are 3D images of the space. This can be in the form of images in a pdf document as well as 360 view videos. And, of course, we can walk it all through with you in person using our software. Check out an example here:

We think there are 3 main reasons why the 3D outputs are so powerful.

You can get a proper feel for the space

Looking at a bird’s eye view of a floorplan doesn’t give you a feel for what it’s like to walk around the space, to be cooking in a new kitchen space whilst chatting with others at the dining table, or to know whether there’s enough space to walk into a new utility room without feeling constrained.

Being able to see the space from every angle means that those people who struggle to visualise what it will be like once the work is completed are reassured. Here are just a couple of quotes from clients who’ve really benefitted from the 3D plans that we delivered.

3D Visualisation Layout - Fresh Start Living

3D Kitchen Diner Plan - Fresh Start Living

3D Diner Layout - Fresh Start Living

3D Floorplan - Fresh Start Living

“They came up with some excellent ideas which we would never have thought of and it was so helpful seeing them in 3D."

“They spent time with us to fully understand what we wanted and how we live as a family and came up with some great ideas that we definitely wouldn’t have thought of. The plans were also 3D, bringing it to life for us.”

You can model your existing furniture, as well as new!

We regularly see plans for extensions where a structure has been designed but there are no plans in place for the interiors: kitchen design, furniture placement, heating, lighting etc.

When we have our initial consultation with clients, we always discuss which things that they are looking to keep and where they might want to invest in new. Doing this means that we can take a note and measure the furniture they are likely to keep and build it into the space. We don’t let it constrain our designs but it does mean that when we share those designs that we’ve thought about.

3D Furniture Plan - Fresh Start Living
Compare Furniture Options - Fresh Start Living


You can compare and contrast different options

More often than not, when you’re reconfiguring and extending, there are decisions to be made about internal walls. Should you leave certain parts of a wall or a pillar to avoid spiralling cost of steel? Or do you go fully open plan?

By using 3D outputs, you can truly see what the impact is on the space and how it feels when you’re living in it. You can the model different internal wall placements, pillars, zones etc. and make a decision on which option you want to go-ahead with that knowledge.

3D Upstairs Layout - Fresh Start Living

3D Open Plan Visualisation - Fresh Start Living


Hopefully this gives you a bit of a flavour of the types of thing that you can have access to without spending huge amounts of money. And if you are thinking about making changes in your home and need some help or inspiration, do get in touch with us here. And don't forget to follow us via Instagram, Facebook and our upcoming blogs.

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